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Imago Skincare

I don’t have a physical shop but my products are available at The Hub, Consett or Head to Toe Aesthetics in Blackhill.

I’m nearly always available on line.I make handmade skincare and started developing my range in 2004. My products include Cleansers, Toners, Moisturisers, Eye Creams, Facial Masks, Eye Products, Treatment creams for various issues, Exfoliators, Hand Products, Pillow Sprays and other well-being products. I make an amazing household cleanser. I make products in 4 ranges – Youthful Glow, (normal to dry skin), Firm and Nourish, (dry/ mature skin) Sensitive, and Soothe and Purify, (Acne, Breakout, Oily, combination and hormonal skin.

I am also an holistic therapist, providing Reflexology, Massage, Facials and other therapies. I work from Head to Toe Aesthetics, 131 Durham Road, Blackhill.

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Business hours for this business are not available, please contact the business for up to date hours.

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