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Heritage Trail

The Consett and Genesis Heritage Trail Project

The Heritage Trail was conceived to create and enhance a footpath to celebrate Consett’s heritage and industrial history. In linking tourism and heritage assets across the town to the stunning countryside, the Trail encourages both visitors and residents alike to explore North West Durham.

The trail was originally commissioned by Project Genesis trust who is known locally for developing the community assets across the town, including the Consett Urban Park, Fawcett Part, improvements to the C2C route and the Grove Ponds site. The trail was part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

The Heritage Trail has magnificent views across areas of outstanding natural beauty and as Consett is close to world-renowned tourist attractions such as Beamish Museum and Durham City, it is the perfect place to visit.

As the Trail is a circular route, walkers can start at any point. Consett town centre is linked to the Derwent River Valley, via the Hownsgill Viaduct and up through the Grove Ponds. There is ample signage for locals and tourists to find out more about our Industrial Heritage.

Walkers can enjoy a leisurely stroll through the stunning countryside and access sites such as the former steelworks pumphouse and the Hownsgill Funicular Railway. There are picnic tables at various points along the trail.

Walking the Trail

Length of Route: 6KM (without detours)

Time to Walk: approximately 3 hours

Parking is available adjacent to the Trail at Lydgetts Junction and at Pemberton Road. It is a short walk to the Trail from Allensford car park. There are dedicated Heritage Trail markers throughout the walk. Follow orange arrows for a clockwise route, and green arrows for anticlockwise.

The Trail is unsuitable for cycles, except where it coincides with the National Cycle Routes 7 and 14.

The paths have mostly been surfaced; unsurfaced paths may become muddy and therefore suitable footwear should be worn. Any steep sections of the trail are marked as such, but they are not very long. Please take care on sections of the Trail where the path narrows or becomes steep.

Heritage Trail Gallery

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the Trail?

Everyone is invited to walk the Trail. There are sections of the Trail that are moderately challenging so be sure to check the map and the route to plan your best access.

What about people with Disabilities?

Specific sections of the trail are wheelchair friendly.

The Lydgetts Junction car park has been upgraded and a bridge added, with ramp access up to the path. the car park at Allensford has excellent access onto the Trail following the River Derwent. 

Where can we stop and have a picnic?

There are picnic benches at the Lydgetts Junction car park at the start of the Trail nearest to Consett Town centre.  

Is there anywhere to have refreshments on the Trail?

There are many wonderful local cafes in Consett and the surrounding area. On the Trail itself, you can stop at the Cafe at Inn on the Park, Allensford Park (next to the caravan site). 

What do we do with our rubbish?

We ask every visitor to take their rubbish home with them, including dog waste bags. Thank you.

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