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Cycling in and around Consett is a popular pastime. This page covers just a few of the opportunities for you. If you have any additional information you’d like to add please contact us and let us know. Or feel free to ask questions on our Facebook page.

Cycle Durham weekly ride in Consett

Day Time Location Comment
Wednesday 10.30am – 11.30am Blackhill & Consett Park, Consett DH8 5TA  


Consett to Chester-le-Street Route

The Consett to Chester-le-Street Cycle Route is a 25 mile challenging cycle route which is mostly off-road. 

Start: Lydgett’s Junction (there is a car park here) Consett and follow the Lanchester Valley Railway Path (NCN 14) via Lanchester to Langley Park. 
Follow: Mostly minor roads and off-road links past Witton Gilbert and Edmondsley then past Waldridge Fell Country Park towards Chester-le-Street.
Join: NCN Route 7 and head back up the hill to Consett. 

The route marked on the Durham County Council North Durham Cycle Map as CDN5.

Consett to Chester-le-Street loop

The Satley Loop

The Satley Loop is a 19 mile intermediate cycle route along minor roads and country lanes with 2 crossings of the A68. 

Start: At Knitsley Mill follow Knitsley Lane and turn left then right onto Millershill Lane. Turn right onto Elizabeth Lane then cross the A68 to Oxen Law.
Turn: Left down to Saltersgate Lane and continue along Droverhouse Lane crossing the A68 again until reaching the B6296. Turn left then immediately right down Pan Lane. At the crossroads turn left past Stowe House Farm through Cornsay.
Turn: Left onto Ragpath Lane then right past Ragpathside Plantation to the B6301. Turn left and follow the road into Lanchester. 
Continue: Along Newbiggin Lane until you get back to Knitsley.

This route is marked on the Durham County Council North Durham Cycle Map as CDN1.

The Satley Loop