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Memories of Consett


Please find below the citations for the 9 men recognised by Carnegie Hero Fund Trust.

1896 – 1950

Arnold W Ross

Blastfurnace Keeper

1925 – 1950

Andrew A Kirby

Locomotive Fireman

1904 – 1950

John Jeffrey

Blastfurnace Man

1906 – 1950

Joseph E Humble

Blastfurnace Slagger

1918 – 1950

Thomas Heslop

Blastfurnace Labourer

1905 – 1950

Thomas C Easten

Blastfurnace Labourer

1920 – 1950

Francis Crawley

Locomotive Fireman

1896 – 1950

John S Craggs

Blastfurnace Labourer

1897 – 1950

Arthur Briggs

Blastfurnace Labourer

Memorial Unveiling for Steelworks Disaster of 1950

Take a look at the recording of the Memorial Unveiling to Commemorate those who lost their lives in the Steelworks Disaster in 1950.


Frank Jackson Richardson Memorial

Written by anonymous

On Tuesday November 11th 1952 at 8:30 in the morning, a tragic accident happened at Consett Iron Company. Frank Jackson Richardson (aged 49 yrs) was crushed by a pile of four and a half ton steel…continue reading

1950 Consett Iron Company Disaster Memorial

Written by Kathleen Rymer

The report on tyne news a couple of weeks ago of the memorial planned for the victims of the disaster at Consett Blastfurnace plant in july 1950, brought back memories for me as after working in…continue reading

Joseph E. Humble Memorial

Written by anonymous

Joseph E Humble (44) Blastfurnace Slagger, Consett, Co. Durham lost his kife on 1st of July 1950 while attempting to rescue fellow workmen who had been overcome by gas in an iron works in Consett…continue reading

1950 Consett Iron Company Disaster Report

February 1951, H.F. Com.

ARTHUR BRIGGS (53), Blastfurnace Labourer, 4 Moorland Crescent, and JOHN SHELDON CRAGGS (54), Blastfurnace Labourer, 2 Moorland View, both of castleside; FRANCIS CRAWLEY (30), Locomotive…continue reading

Thomas Curry Philipson Memorial

Written by Paul Philipson

Thomas Curry Philipson was born in Consett on the 13th August, 1925. As he was christened in St Mary’s Church, Blackhill, it is likely he was of that parish. He was killed in an accident at …continue reading

Albert Memorial

Written by Gerard Hanson

My father, Albert was a kind generous hard working man who was an inspiration to us all and was greatly missed when he was suddenly taken away from us, before we could start to repay…continue reading

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