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Consett Rocks

Consett Rocks was created in August 2020, run by Stephanie & Victoria it was an awful year for many so, we created this group to put a smile on faces. 

All you need to do is…decorate a rock/stone ect and leave it some where in or around the Consett area for someone to find. (Burnhope, Lanchester, Hexham, Wolsingham ect, this is just to make people smile, its not just for consett only)

Anyone can join in, they don’t need to be pieces of perfect art.

All we ask is that on the back of your rock you write: “Facebook: Consett Rocks” this way when someone finds your rock hopefully they will let us all know on here that it has been found (please don’t be disheartened if someone doesn’t let you know, as alot of people don’t use Facebook)

❤If possible please take a photo and post it on our Facebook page, thanking the person who created it.
🧡This Rock is now yours, a gift from the person who created it, put it in your garden, in a plant pot or if you wish rehide it for the next person.
💛 We do ask if you do find a Consett Rock and would like to keep it, please make a rock of your own to hide.

💚Don’t forget to add “Facebook: Consett Rocks” to the back of your rock
💙Get the children involved, your rock does not need to be perfect, this is all just to make someone smile.
💜I do recommend varnishing your rock, so the paint/pen doesn’t disappear in the rain, and I recommend hiding it somewhere where people will find it eventually lol 😉

Enjoy making your Rocks, have fun and have fun searching for them xx


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