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The Rugby season is over…

by | Mar 22, 2020 | Community, Leisure, News

The Rugby season is over.  It may have been officially cut short, but it has been a remarkable effort by the players at Consett RFC who contributed week in week out to maintain a 100% record, 22 games 22 victories!  There can’t be too many teams across the country who have wrapped up their league championship by the middle of March with a 100% record.

Thanks to official Club photographer George Ledger we have pictures of the presentation of the League Championship Shield by Mark Short representing our main sponsor Amethyst Homes.  Receiving the trophy is Captain Courageous, Connor Petch, who gives 100% every week and has played all 22 games along with the other 100%’r Dave Adams.

It remains to be seen what will happen following the current crisis but, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’, and I’m sure whatever the RFU decide to do with the leagues the lads will be up for the challenge and all our players will be ‘champing at the bit’ to get back on the field.

Finally, you can check out all the accurate 1st team squad statistics revealing the 100% record with an average of 40.4 points per game scored and 13.1 points against. In addition, individually to Connor Petch and Dave Adams playing every game, Adam Pearson scored an incredible 29 tries in 20 games and Nicholas Cook scored 202 points in 15 games.

Our senior playing squad was made up of 39 players who all deserve a massive pat on the back for this accomplishment.  Let’s hope they all stay fit and healthy and they are raring to go when the RFU lets them ‘off the leash’.

It’s been a great season and with the huge numbers of youngsters from 5 to 18 taking up the game in Consett the club can only move even further forward. A great game, a great club, and a great way to socialise at whatever level you want to play.



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