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Submission Guidelines

Article Feature Submission Guidelines

If you are posting events or attractions information, please ensure you stick to the submission guidelines. If you are a user, please let us know if you feel any entries you come across infringe these guidelines.



Organisers are invited to post event or attractions information to the site, within the benefits of the subscribed package, via the contact option but are expected to bear in mind that Visit Consett is aimed at providing an information service to the general public including families.

Events and attractions must be open to the general public; whilst age restrictions may apply in certain cases for safety or legal reasons, entry must not be available only to members of clubs or otherwise. Event listings are not intended to promote restaurants, party-plan ideas, fix-your-own date visitor services, village hall hire, shopping offers and the like – advertising options are available for such announcements.

Event listings are designed to inform the public about genuine dated events they can attend.

Repetitive entries for the same or essentially similar events or places are not permitted. Events or attractions of an X-rated, adult-only nature are not permitted. Events can be listed at any time up to a year in advance. Events can be of up to 30 days’ duration, specific dates within that 30-day span must be highlighted when the item is submitted if events are not operating every day. (Events lasting more than 30 days should refer to this fact in the main text) Event entries must be kept up to date, especially in relation to cancellations or amendments to time or venue. (Please ensure any updates are duly notified to Visit Prudhoe to ensure accurate information is provided at all times.

Attractions entries are intended as further information for people looking for somewhere to go in their leisure time.

They are not intended as an opportunity to promote shops, hall hire, restaurants and other commercial activity – advertising options are available for such announcements. Content of entries must meet Visit Consett standards of decency and taste.

This means your entry and its wording must not:

  • be likely to cause offence to or be an adverse influence on users of any age
  • be racist or sexist, sexually explicit, provocative, offensive, blasphemous or abusive contain swear words or other language likely to offend
  • promote or encourage unlawful, distasteful, or unsafe/dangerous activity
  • breach anyone else’s copyright, or pretend to be from someone other than yourself * be inaccurate, out-of-date, malicious, and mischievous
  • be written in anything other than straightforward English
  • contain information which you are not properly and fully authorised to post
  • be written only in CAPITAL letters

Linked websites and linked pdf files available on Premier Event listings must comply with the same standards of decency and taste.

Organisers and advertisers must read the submission guidelines. By providing a submission automatically accept and agree to the relevant Terms and Conditions relating to trade, copyright, liability etc which are listed on the current Visit Consett privacy policy page.

Partners of Visit Consett

The creation of the Visit Consett website would not have been possible without the support of a number of partner organisations.
The content on this website will continue to grow and we will keep adding to this list of organisations that have influenced and directed the content.

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Delve into Consett's rich history

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