Spotlight on Sem’s Photography

Spotlight on Sem’s Photography
Business Spotlight

This time we are going to focus on See’s Photography, with the information provided by Serena Nicholls.

Sem’s Photography is based in Consett and cover many photographic genres but are particularly proud of their wedding services.

Tell us a little about yourself and what the business does?

“I’m a small (both in height and business size lol) photography business now residing in Consett for the last 5 years.  I specialise in Wedding Photography, but I do also cover Family Portraits, Newborn shoots, Maternity shoots, Event photography, Commercial photography and my favourite, Pet photography”

What is the history behind the business?

“I think I was born with a camera in my hand!!  I have literally taken photos all my life from a young age.  It wasn’t something that was encouraged in my youth and was frowned upon as not a proper job, so it was always something that I loved doing in my spare time. So, I did weddings, christenings, birthdays anything and everything for friends and family but it wasn’t really until a friend took me on one side and pointed out how much I had missed out on what should have been my vocation in life, that I then started to build a photography business and studied to become the professional I am.  Now years later it’s the one job that I absolutely adore doing.”

Why did you choose to be based in Consett?

“We moved up to Consett 5 years from the Midlands but I have been coming here for over 25 years to visit friends so once my own family had grown up and flown from the nest, hubby and I decided it was time to do something for us!!    So, we literally decided to up sticks and move within 3 months.   It’s been difficult as we don’t know many people in the area but we have never felt more relaxed and at home than we do here.”

Have you got any future/on-going events that you would like to share?

“Two wedding fairs coming up   March 6th at the Sun Hotel in Warkworth and April 10th Hexham Abbey.   Both 12 till 4pm”

What is your favourite activity to do in Consett?

“Walking and of course photography!!   I love nothing more than to walk in the beautiful countryside surrounding Consett with my camera and think nothing of sitting for hours (my poor hubby) just watching for wildlife to wander into my camera’s focus”

Do you have any special memories of Consett you would like to share?

“Difficult one as I’ve not been here that long……and we are still collecting and storing memories at the minute!!  I guess my most favourite one is walking my dog down to Blackhill park and literally rounding a corner to come face to face with a deer!!   I literally froze because I was totally shocked to be that close to such a beautiful creature and then off, she hopped like it was completely normal!!  Made my day, in fact made my year”

To find out more about Sem’s Photography please take a look at their Visit Consett Page.


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