Spotlight on PIIM

Spotlight on PIIM
Business Spotlight

Property Inventory Inspections and Property Management

This time we are going to focus on PIIM Property Inventory Inspections & Management, with the information provided by Janet Stoddart.

What does your business do?

“Independant & Professional Property Inventories and Property Management.”

Tell us about your main services & / or products?

“Lettings agent and Inventory company, specialising in providing Inventory & Condition Reports, Check-in & Check-out reports, and interim checks, compliance reviews and a fully managed service to local Landlords in the Private Rented Sector.”

What do you love about being in Consett?

“This is our home town. A place we left and always knew we’d return. People are friendly, its a safe place to live and bring up a family. Housing is relatively cheap for the North East with easy easy to the Cities for commuting an shopping.”

What do you like to do in Consett?

“Before Covid, we ate out at the many local pubs and restaurants in the area, whilst making the most of the countryside surrounding the town.”

Where do you like to go in Consett?

“Shopping in the Town centre, you can find gems of times gone by. More recently, the new out of town shopping areas have definitely been a good edition. The town is still expanding with the build of new housing in the area. The surrounding countryside is very appealing after working in the City.”

Do you have any special memories of Consett you’d like to share?

“After growing up in Consett, I have lived in various places including The Grove, Consett and Delves Lane. Growing up into adulthood in the area was fun with the many bars and clubs in the centre. We moved to London for 12 years due to relocation at work and returned in 2008. I have watched the town grow and become more of a commuter town in recent years, although it maintains that friendly persona its always be known for.”

To find out more about PIIM please take a look at their Visit Consett Page.

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