Spotlight on Judith Mohebbyan Art

Spotlight on Judith Mohebbyan Art
Business Spotlight

This time we are going to focus on Judith Mohebbyan Art, with the information provided by Judith herself.

Judith Mohebbyan Art is based in Blackhill, Consett and she helps individuals, families and businesses enhance their personal spaces by offering unique, bespoke, art.

Tell us a little about yourself and what the business does?

“I’ve always been interested in art and come from an artistic family. I love experimenting with different colours and challenging myself to try different techniques.
One of my favourite things about this style of painting is being able to just let go. You only have a certain amount of control and you never fully know what you are going to end up with.”

What is the history behind the business?

“A few years ago I came across fluid art painting, I was immediately drawn to it and for over a year I watched countless YouTube videos and read numerous blogs. 
It was during the first lockdown that I finally plucked up the courage and poured my first painting.
I’ve been hooked ever since.”

Why did you choose to be based in Consett?

“I work from my home in Blackhill, Consett.”

Have you got any future/on-going events that you would like to share?

“I have an upcoming exhibition in a week or so the June Crosby Art Exhibition 
and another next month in Crook.”

What is your favourite activity to do in Consett?

“Painting is my passion!”

Do you have any special memories of Consett you would like to share?

“Living in County Durham surrounded by beautiful countryside and near to the coast really helps my art but I can also become excited seeing different colours and patterns in fabrics.”

To contact Judith, you can call her on 07591532612 or email her at 


To find out more about Judith Mohebbyan Art please take a look at their Visit Consett Page.

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