American House – Halloween event

American House – Halloween event

October 31, 2023

7:00 pm / 9:00 pm


See event information for details

This event ran in 2022 and it was such a big hit with the community.

“Everyone always called us the “American House” with the way we decorated (and yes I’m American! lol) so last year we decided to REALLY give them a proper American experience and we set up a spooky haunted maze in our back garden where the kids (and parents as they were loving it just as much!) had to walk through a bunch of scary things to get to their treat bags.

It was such a hit and if you’ve seen movies with an American Halloween it was just the same. The street was full of kids are parents all laughing and having such a great time.

For us it’s about bringing people together and finding something we all can enjoy and smile about for a change. So many difficult times for us all these days and to have this one night just to enjoy and not worry which gives families a fun experience and also brings the community together! So being as it was such a big hit we’ve made it even bigger and better.

We’ve also put the word out so there’s going to be quite a large number of people coming. We thought why not contact you as well as it would be a great local news story about our little community turning into a massive American Halloween Event for one night.

We also decided to collect for the Alzheimer’s foundation as my mother in law has the early signs of it and it’s such a distressing disease. It’s so hard watching a loved one slowly lose so much of their life not being able to do all they used to do. So I don’t know if this is something you’d be interested in or not? But just thought I’d give a go!”