Eden Closure Day On Line Memories Event

Eden Closure Day On Line Memories Event

July 18, 2020

9:00 am / 8:00 pm

What is …?

An on line event due to current circumstances

A chance to remember the “good old days” at Eden and Stoney Heap

Eden (Stoney Heap) closed on 18th July 1980 with late Norman Henderson piping the last crew out

please share stories, pictures

If any one would like to make a donation to the Trustees of the Eden Miners Centre I am sure they would welcome that to support ongoing upkeep of the buildiing and future events/projects

When is it?
Saturday, 18 July 2020 from 09:00-20:00
Where is it?
Can you help
1. Were you or any family members there on the last day at Stoney Heap on 18th July 19800- 40 years ago and just before the Consett Steelworks closed in the Sept
We would like to detail who was there on the last day with any memories and pictures- please get in contact if you were
2. General additional pictures of life at Eden Colliery during the time it was open and “life” in those times too including memories/pictures of attending the Big Meeting in Durham, Eden Sports Days for example- please get in contact if you have something that can be shared. If you can provide any background and confirm if known either source or original photographer
3. Were you in the Eden Colliery Brass Band?
Again we would like to list the people who were with any pictures and stories
In case you might not have seen them here are links to 2 galleries on the Leadgate Community History Club website
Leadgate Miners
Open Evening at Eden Miners Centre
The Last Day listing and any photographs/memories will be
Shared on Facebook group/s and page/s
Leadgate Community History Club Website
and also shared with the Trustees of the Eden Miners Centre (The Chute) and also the admin team of Leadgate Village who are working with the Trustees we understand to “build up” an archive on Eden Colliery and these additional contents would be a welcome addition to the work they are doing
Also in due course memory boxes/albums are looking to be collated to be donated to the local schools and care homes
If you do have duplicate copies of any of the Leadgate History Society books please do get in touch as we are looking o try to get a number of “sets” to be part of the memory box projects again this will be in partnership with the Eden Miners Centre Trustees and Leadgate Village admin team
If you would like to “buy” any of the books then Leadgate Village have a “book shop” see link