New Website for the History of Consett Steelworks

New Website for the History of Consett Steelworks
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The History of the Consett Steelworks project (supported by the Leadgate Community History Club) are delighted to announce the launch of a website which has now got its first content added
We are grateful to Gavin from the Northern Echo for his time and now producing this article which online from now but will in the hard copy paper on Monday next week
Link to article
The project team are keen to start to collate stories and pictures to add to the website and also for the “Last Day” on line event on Sat 12th Sept 2020 which of course will be the 40th anniversary of the closure of the Steelworks back in 1980
More details on that event will follow in due course
Link for the website please do have a look and share- please bear in mind its a work in progress and will have content added regularly
Email to make contact with the project group with any stories, pictures or questions is
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The Facebook group which is already at 500 members can be found on