History of Consett Steelworks Group

History of Consett Steelworks Group
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Map Donation

Alison and Mike Redshaw have kindly donated a map to the History of Consett Steelworks Group which will be scanned and shared for all to enjoy together with copies to be made for other local Heritage groups and for anyone who would like a copy

Alison comments My dad, Les Gunn, who worked at the ‘company’ for 41 years was the one who bought it.

Its a large map so the next stage is now to plan and do the scanning

The map will also feature in future events and displays

Thank you to Alison and Mike we a proud to now be custodians of this lovely local bit of history

See the post here

More about our Mapping Project https://historyofconsettsteelworks.wordpress.com/steelworks-mapping-project/

History Of Consett Steelworks Map