Who can use the Trail?

Everyone is invited to walk the Trail. There are sections of the Trail that are moderately challenging so be sure to check the map and the route to plan your best access.

What about people with Disabilities?

Specific sections of the trail are wheelchair friendly.

The Lydgetts Junction car park has been upgraded and a bridge added, with ramp access up to the path. the car park at Allensford has excellent access onto the Trail following the River Derwent. 

What are the different packages?

There are two different business packages available and a discounted package for Community Groups and Charities.

  1. Basic Business Package (£5/month)
  2. Advanced Business Package (£10/month)
  3. Community/Charity Package (£5/month)

The features for each package are:Business and Charity table of packages and benefits


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What do we do with our rubbish?

We ask every visitor to take their rubbish home with them, including dog waste bags. Thank you.

Is there anywhere to have refreshments on the Trail?

There are many wonderful local cafes in Consett and the surrounding area. On the Trail itself, you can stop at the Cafe at Inn on the Park, Allensford Park (next to the caravan site).