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Ebchester Roman Explore Review and Future Events

by | May 20, 2022 | Community, History, News

It was a delight to see the interest and turnout for the first Roman Explore event at Ebchester.

I hope all enjoyed the day 

Thanks to Eric for his guided tour of St Ebba’s and we will exploring further the Roman connections with the church.

Eric has kindly shared a “bonus” which is a video Virtual Tour.

VR Tour by Tim Lowrey (

Also thanks to Bill (William) Trow for leading the river walk.

Finally thank you to the people who supported with displays. 

Tony Vindomora Solutions
Rodney/Darin Friends of Longovicium
County Durham Forum for History and Heritage 

The plan is now to hold an event at the end of July which will look at forming a Friends of Vindomora so that we can use this to begin to gain permissions and seek funding for future activities.

We would welcome a member/s of the village to consider being part of the Friends project team to oversee the group please get in touch if you would be willing to be part of this. We will need a “Chair” and a finance person specifically at least.

We are also going to look to hold a Finds Day/Ebchester Antiques Roadshow event in the Autumn.

Also we are looking to arrange a taster/introduction to metal detecting.

Since the event I have managed to begin to communicate with the local school and delighted they have confirmed they have some boxed up artefacts- more detail to follow once I have spoken further with them.

Please see some pictures of the day if you have any please do share on the Facebook group or reply to this email.

Look forward to seeing you at future events.

Any questions, content please do get touch.

Richard Judd

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