1st July 1950 Steelworks Accident

1st July 1950 Steelworks Accident
Community History

1st July 1950

70 years ago saw an accident at the Consett Steelworks.
The project team of the History of the Consett are Steelworks project are keen to work with/listen to families of those involved to explore ways/options to “mark” this incident.
To start this, an album has begun to be created, and when it’s safe to do so an event, to meet and talk to as many people as possible with knowledge or experience of the day will be arranged.
We would like to make this an album to remember those that died in the accident in 1950. So, if your family lost someone please do get in contact so we can add a picture if you have one of the family member.
A permanent memorial will hopefully be in place in due course – watch out for more details of the plans by Project Genesis.